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Ensemble Rost is an early music ensemble based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The group has immensely enjoyed going into the depths of the mysterious manuscript from the early Stylus Phantasticus period, characterised by an expressive, almost improvisatory style and very free formal structures. The ensemble has been investigating the different possibilities for harmonic realisation of the basso continuo part as well as the melodic lines, because some parts of the manuscript, due to wear and tear, remain a mystery.

The credo of Ensemble Rost is to explore the original repertoire written for its instrumentation. The ensemble has performed in Denmark, in the Fringe Series in MA Festival Brugge (BE) and Oude Muziek Festival Utrecht (NL) and latest in London.

Supported by

Statens Kunstfond, Frederiksbergfonden and Knud Højgaards Fond